“You can throw spears at your partner. Or you can explain why you’re hurt and angry, and that’s the kinder path”. Yes!!! This is so true, all you need is a little understanding and communication but many a times we forget this simple saying worth remembering. We accuse, we threaten, we argue and we fight or at times just show a cold shoulder at our spouses instead of of enlightening them as to the reason behind our anger or hurt. Am sure any rational human being specially people we love in our life will get our point of view and in turn we might also get to know the reason of our anger and channelize it much productive way where we can build relationships and not break it. The modern world is all about shortcuts, we want everything easy and the most easy way out is making a mental block and just blabbering out point and to be very honest I’m also guilty of this crime and have committed it many times but as i ponder over it when I re-evaluate myself I come across  my faults, many of us here also make another mistake is they don’t recap their mind, if we do so we get many directions that would have resulted in much positive solution with out partners. What this will do according to me is that even if all the spears where used by us to fatally wound our partner we can at least  go give a healing touch. Relations are fragile and we need to take proactive steps to make it healthy.