It was a busy bustling day at the market, my eyes were not window shopping but looking for my dear husband.. It started to drizzle a little ,I started to get a little anxious as I couldn’t find the person I was looking for . As people started deserting the streets and taking shelter because by the looks of it it might pour. As I was walking below the footpath and very few people were racing before me I could visibly lay my eyes on him now, to my surprise I saw him with another lady , Yes!! Another lady, with long , artificially straightened(ARTIFICIAL) hair,  giving her an umbrella, rather holding the umbrella for that “princess” , yes that’s what ran in my mind at that time. I was walking a little faster by now, her friends came along with more umbrellas on the path way giggling and busting in smiles and that’s when I noticed that he was holding  her left hand by his right and was slightly lifting her to the pathway above her which was just a few centimetres high which even a small child would easily manage to climb without any help.  By then I quickened my pace and all hell broke loose , all kinds of emotions started rumbling over me: anger, bitterness, sadness, you name it and I shall accept it, but these were only symptoms of a greater disease called “jealousy”.. With my rampant the weather added  THUNDER; the street was empty and I stormed towards my husband and woke him up and he in his half shut eyes was totally in sleep amnesia.. As I woke him up to confront him , he innocently said to me what has happened my dear, and that was when I realised I was dreaming. I muttered in embarrassment as he went back to his deep slumber.


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