Through my looking glass

It is said “eyes are window to the world” but for me it’s a different story for now ‘the window is my eyes to the world’ . its been days as I stare outside from my window and try to see as much as I can see of the world, the furthest my sight takes me that is the extend of the world for me. The small coniferous forest test my vision and add a touch of green and that is the furthest I can go. A little nearer are small chirping creatures and I am so grateful to them as they are music to my ears.  On a good day the clear sky from the glass pane paints blue everywhere and yet again I see thundering rain with its own beauty making a strike of light in once  the blue sky. As far as my vision goes I can tell a new story. This is my world for now, seems small but there is so much to tell.



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