Confessions of a workoholic mom

I am not saying am a workaholic but yes am a mom.. A workaholic mom. Many a times people especially ladies have asked me, ‘oh!! You must be really strong for being able to leave your baby at home’ or I hear them say ‘how stone hearted can some mothers be, I can’t leave my baby for even a minute’ . Well I have completely no objection you wish to stay at home and give your child love and care. I am really glad some mothers are able to do it but the fact is I too love my child immensely and you cannot question my ability to love cause I go to work.
In animal kingdom as well it is observed that mothers leaves their young ones in search of food and to built a better shelter. Well!! In human world we have a judgement mechanism of a good and bad.. I don’t think so any animal think bad or good about another. One can even argue and say for man are superior we have the ability to think and judge good from bad. But isn’t it nice in animal world for a ‘mutt’ will bark at you if it doesn’t like you and waggle its tail if it likes you as for my fellow humans I have no comments. 
Also going back to my point I chose to work, I go to work each day, I get groceries , I do heavy brainstorming about what to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I decide what to make for Riaan that will be nutritious and sumptuous as well as new for his developing taste buds, I plan for his future like any other mom would. And my job is his happiness. That’s my biggest job and achievement. I feel so proud when I come from work and he wants to hug me and come to me. My entire day is made. Am not underestimating a dad’s duty. Am sure all try very hard. Am just saying I am not “stone” am a mom and I struggle, I fail, I succeed, I smile, I laugh, I cry but whatsoever I try. My family is helping in raising my child in whatsoever way they can and supporting me. And I really thank my family and friends for being so understanding and still accepting me even if I hardly could say a proper ‘hello’ . I am blessed to have met all the right people in my life.. My neighbours are even taking out time to go check on my son in my absence. God is wonderful. You all a a blessing in disguise.


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