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Thrilled and in trepidation at first about doing our first ever food collaboration; We jumped on the wagon considering health is at stake. I write this with all respect to all the health and nutrition based restaurants, doctors, coaches and companies- it ain’t easy…selling health.

With Red Mango’s American approach and the only surviving frozen yogurt chain in the country, the brand gained quick popularity within the Indian subcontinent, spreading its wings wide with colors and fruits.

They approached us not for what they’re known for but what they were going to introduce- a healthy food menu; we’re talking burgers, salads, Thai curry, ratatouille etc.

The food tasting with calorific information and alterations to the original dishes, we decided to take the plunge. With budding new restaurants focusing on vegan-ism, Paleo, South Beach diets and other FADS, this was plain simple low in calorie substitutes.

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