To be in love

People tell me that I write well and am being modest about it. But I have never or could never put into paper how I feel about the love of my life. He for instance was quiet intriguing to me. I could have never imagined to have known such a beautiful human being that I could so earnestly trust. Okay! Enough of me… Let’s get into the interesting topic.. Lets talk about my husband. Our love story is quiet ordinary, we met, we talked ,we hated each other well I was the flag bearer of the hate brigade and to be honest I was also the bridge, so we fell in love (I fell like many many miles deep to the centre of the earth), we got married  and now we have a super amazing family with a small new member who has occupied the rest of our heart and life. Sorry again.. Let’s talk about my husband only him.. This person I adore love and respect say a thousand times myself. If I have to give a character sketch of him it will be like this: my husband is the best person in the world for me, what I like and adore about him is his simplicity, he is as simple as am amoeba, no pretence,no being fake, no buttery gluttery* words. He doesn’t know at all how to flatter anyone with a lie, he is direct and to some it might come as rudeness but this is the way he is and this is what I love about him. Yes! I do correct him time and again; be a little sensitive towards how others feel but he is always bluntly direct. I have chided him many a times for his this weakness of being bluntly honest with just anyone.
I rethink his words and everything he says or does and I find it cute. I have known I can’t live without him. He is my strength “Jane kyu dil janta hai, you are there than I will be alright” I will always be alright.

I speak a lot with him I tell him actually train him as to what to tell me so that I feel good but truth is I like him for he being how he is.. Yes! P.s hug me more when I cry for even silly things(I would want that) but tbh he is not good with expressing his love,you can’t flatter people just for sake but what he does is even more special he treats people right. You treat me right, your action speaks miles for you. When you wake up, letting me sleep to take care of our dear child- that is love, when you come late from office and seeing me a little angrier than usual you give a small peck in my check melts my heart away, your warm embrace to say good morning even if rare but whenever you do that I feel my morning is brighter. I always tell you that I love you but I don’t know if I have done enough to prove it. Let’s go to my weakness that is jealousy and possessiveness; I see long list of do’s and don’t s every now and than saying these are a negative emotion, I beg to disagree, I feel so strongly for you and this that I say or feel is nothing in comparison to that and this so called ‘negative’ emotion is my full right.. Come on people I would not get all jealous and possessive about whom Ranbir Kapoor is dating or what kind of comfort zone is he sharing with his XYz’s.. But he is my very own heart and I trust him but its just that I don’t trust others intention. Again here i am still ranting negative emotions in full swing. I just wanted to tell the whole world how amazing my hub is and how special place he has in my heart. I will always love you my darling. To be in love is this and I am so glad I am in love with the right person.



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