# Epistle to my Twenties

Twenties will always be special. Trust me it’s more special than your sixteen or what your Fifties will bring. Twenties brings you hopes and dreams and people start looking at you from a bigger perspective. It’s when you realise you were just an egg preparing to hatch and life begins now. It transforms you into this different being you never knew and you suddenly shed your skin and finally the wings have grown and ready or not you have to fly. The 20’s also have lots of expectations from you as it throws you new lights leading to a newer path. They are the most crucial age as it lingers the longest. Twenties steps unannounced- stealthily and silently while you feel like that small caterpillar which is still inside of you.

I wasn’t sure what to do with this sudden leap into a new journey that was paving my way to a new direction. I was still engulfed in my childhood that maturity seemed slow I was still counting stars at night and cursing the sun for being too bright. But it was the twenties which actually beared maturity to my wisdom tooth as the saying goes the slow growing tree bears the best fruit. I just experienced that. I had a bittersweet relation with twenties as it basically gave me live demo tutorials of life. But I suggest If you want to make mistakes make it in your 20’s. The sooner you make the better you learn.

20’s you will be missed I have a very mixed feeling for you. You were the foe giving me life important lessons and a friend teaching me it’s okay to let go. You for once have been that friend who let me make mistakes to teach me more important lessons like I said earlier life’s live demo’s. Yes, you were the one who took me out from my comfort zone and threw me to the real world, opened my eyes to miseries of the world and problems that only life can play, it certainly made me sad, upset as well as depressed at times but you also reminded me that it’s doesn’t last long and time heals. You at times made me hopeless and destitute and also reminded me that it was completely normal feeling that way, made me realise we need to be real and real people will accept us for being real, you taught me the importance of choice and that we will always have a choice and that choice will have a deep impact on our life. Also softly reminding us that if there is no choice it’s all for the best. You showed me how to accept love and respect together and appreciate and be grateful for things we have now “for present is the perfect present for be happy”

My twenties stands as a great reminder to me that all of us have a learning graph. I had a big adventure this ten years with you and am utterly grateful to you. I graduated , I ventured away from my comfort zone-my family for the first time, I got an experience of teaching for a year, I took very tough decisions , I got a job and moved out of my city and then fell head over heels in love with this amazing person truely ‘made in india’ just for me, got married and had a wonderful and amazing son for whom I am so thankful to you as ever for he was the best gift you gave me. I had two major operations that was life changing. Uffff!! Let’s say twenties was very exhilarating and exhausting together. I got the best of both world from you .

Yes!! As I am just setting my foot in my 30’s and to be honest am very excited as well as sad as I bid my adieu to the most amazing years of my life that I will never get back -the 20’s.I am utterly sad and emotional biding you goodbye but it’s for our own good. My journey towards my 40’s will hold new dreams , new journeys and new learning

experience I hope I get to guide the other twenties as you did guide me. But you know what with all that you have taught me so far I have become a good scholar and you have a mission too to nurture many like me . Also hopefully your friend the 30’s will be kinder to me and with the experience you have enthralled upon me I will be a little wiser and use my time on this earth to make it a better place.

– I will never regret you, you will always remain forever.

Adieu old friend

3 thoughts on “# Epistle to my Twenties

  1. Reblogged this on From guestwriters and commented:
    In all cultures, one can find such a thing as a “transition celebration” in which one feels that one has reached a turning point with a “transition year”.

    In many families on the Western European mainland, the 21st year used to be the year of coming of age. Young people hoped that once there was a 2 in front of their era, a new world would open up.
    But after that 21st birthday, it seemed that they still had to work hard to live up to their potential or to be recognised. For many, that brought some disillusionment, while others quickly started looking forward to a 3 in the era.

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  2. There is pain and freedom in this narrative. I like how you managed to give a piece of your heart and soul through this writing. I totally loved it.
    Hey, I am Ragazza, don’t hesitate to visit my blog page, if you have time. I would really love to connect with you. Cheers! 🙂

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